What I Like Most About Andrew Tate –

An Exercise In Self-Introspection

I was watching an “interview” with Andrew Tate and at one point he provided a profound exercise I would recommend we all do on at least a week-to-week basis. He said something like the following:

“Go over all your beliefs in life. Then ask yourself

1) Where did they come from?


2) Was that belief given to you with your best interest in mind?”

What a great thing to do for all beliefs big and small.

After trying it out this past week, I would also suggest rotating between what you feel are positive beliefs and negative beliefs in your life at this time. (You may find that they are only “positive” or “negative” because of someone else’s judgement and not yours)

For an example, I’ll go over one of my positive and negative beliefs I wrote down in my journal:

Negative Example

Belief — Porn is naturally something most people take pleasure in.

Where did that come from?

Most of my friends, some family, and all acquaintances in my life have told me they have partaken and enjoyed porn.

Was it given to you with your best interest in mind?

I don’t believe it was. They may have originally came to this belief from porn producers/marketers, because this belief is what the porn industry thrives on. So there is tons of money in propagating this belief. And as the song goes “The Internet is for porn!”

Also, most people in society secretly desire everyone to deal with the same problems as they do, or at the least handle them(no pun intended) in a similar fashion. So, they try to glorify their own vices so others can be like them. Birds of a feather flock together.


From this analysis, my own belief is that porn is an invader upon my household that is trying to sap my time and energy.

At best, it is a necessary evil until my sex life with my partners/wife is satisfactory. Or, if I was single, it could serve to speed up the process of releasing sexual tension. But in reality, I don’t need porn to release my sexual tension. All I need is my imagination. And a hand.

Positive example

Belief — There is a God.

Where did that come from?

My family first, then the school/church I was forced to attend.

Was it given to you with your best interest in mind?

Yes, my family wanted me to believe there was meaning in life and that anyone who believes in a meaning and purpose to anything has more success and more happiness in the end.


Unfortunately, the way my church and school tried to enforce this belief, helped make me into an atheist for the first 30+ years of my life. If my family hadn’t left it up to the church and school, I may not have been an atheist. School and church never used logic or common sense when answering the questions from any curious child wondering if there was a God. They did not use anything close to the Socratic method of understanding that true wisdom is not knowing anything. Those experiences immediately made me a non-believer.

But, the belief in God that I found on my own through 40 years of struggling through life has made me come to grips with now believing in God. Which God it may be in the end, who knows? But I do believe there is a God. One singular(aka Holy) creator. And more importantly, that He is good.


I try to spend 15 minutes every morning on a self-reflection/gratitude-meditation exercise, and this exercise from Andrew Tate of challenging my own beliefs by determining their origins fits perfectly in that timeslot.

I would highly recommend trying this self-reflection exercise for yourself and see if you find it as helpful as I have. Although, since it is fairly new to me, I can’t speak on whether it will help in the long-term… So, if it doesn’t help, I’d suggest tossing it and moving on. But, so far, the results have been invaluable for me.

To be honest, this isn’t exactly what I like most about Andrew Tate. I think his bravery to speak his mind, regardless of any hate he knows will come his way is his most admirable quality. But, Um… don’t ask me about what I hate most about Andrew Tate. Lol. I believe in only telling those sorts of things to that individuals face, and only at an appropriate time. Preferably, when neither of us are armed or under the influence.


I hope these thoughts are helpful. Thank you so much for reading. I Agape-Love you all.

Until next time, God bless.

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