Undiscovered Home –

by BK Johnsen

Take me to the skies

over oceans bright azure

As mother earth slumbers

humanity soldiers on

None disturb her soft silent peace

Gliding to lands of rising sun

the far east

Engines humming

soft snoring beehives

Meal 3 of 10-hour flight arrives

Bitter warm coffee

nori, seaweed

snow-white rice

a strange cookie

Sweet, tempting,


Gazing through window

Staring, still as a bird

Mother nature’s naked beauty

peaking gently in

I peer straight into hers

In these fleeting moments

we own the world

Nature’s spirit

never spent

Even when intruders

wingless mammals

invade forbidden skies


The dawn has broken

rays on the horizon

crimson ablaze

All life attends

til’ winds scatter and hide

Free me from this rat race

though my heart cannot lie

“Land of my past, remember me!”

between heavy, harsh sighs

Western eyes round and staring

imbuing more hate and more doubt

yet forgotten the worth of each human

fear of failure…or success

unless bought

My words no longer belong

in the west, all they see

is what I lack


Ego tax due — pay up

Yet ego and the judge

thrive in all nations, all humanity

Yes, in new lands

pain and death still hatch plans

But oh, how surprising

welcoming faces abound

New alien strangers

seeking what I have

In Nippon I’m unknown

With new currency:

expressions, emotions, tone

All things we already own

Treasures greater

than silver or gold


a foreign land and tongue

teach me lessons so pure

None dare judge to one’s face

though in private, all still rage…

In youth I sought

comfort from travel — adventures unknown

With earned wisdom

human’s ego abandoned

Taught in tongues

Tales old as time

Bouncing love — reciprocal in form — from soul to soul

The only true comfort in life.

This story was my entry for a writing challenge on Vocal Media.

Thank you so much for reading. I Agape-Love you all.

Until next time, God bless.

07 Undiscovered Home
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