Temptations of the Mind –

by BK Johnsen

Oh, temptations of the mind.

Let go of your magnetic pull.

Release me from my horrors.

This pain is too much to bear.

Soft and gently, you come to me.

A little rest. A little calm.

Like an avalanche, peaceful times accumulate.

The sun is gone. The day is done.

Oh, so loving. Oh, so caring.

Why do you torment me so?

Why use love as your tool of death?

The devil’s pitchfork is more merciful…

Why must this world be so full of wonders?

With such beauty, the body cannot withstand.

The eyes are too weak. My stomach, it turns.

Breathing is now painful. My mind still wants more.

My spirit, my soul, my mind.

They crave it all, though nothing shall ever be ours.

Just moments in time, floating in space.

This is our lot in life – remember to smile.

As face leads mind every morning.

Each night, blind leads blind.

Enjoy each breath, each sight, each drink

as it is not yet your last.

But we’re all on the clock. Your hairs and days are numbered.

Only One knows how long.

So let us get back to work. For the sun is waning.

By your works you’ll be rewarded.

By your lack of completed works, you shall lament.

By the end of it all, your body will be spent.

But your spirit shall forever live on.


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