Nothing New Under the Sun –

by BK Johnsen

What if eternity was fleeting?

What if we all become one?

The end is near, they say

Yet tomorrow will bring new sun

The moon keeps waxing, waning

The water — vast and deep

The misty air and dewy leaves — awaken from their sleep

The world goes on, as does all life

and death is all around

Each cell, living tissue,

repeated dying — returning to former forms

But now rumors swirling

Thoughts so beautiful and proud

Death itself won’t stop our souls

from making impact across all realms

Yet none shall understand

It’s too fantastic to believe

That all fears and pain die with us

as our souls travel overseas

So, enjoy this life so fleeting

It is right to enjoy this gift

Our body is our temple

Our minds — the river Styx

All travel far and wide

Brainwaves the vehicle

Imagination takes its toll

On all things physical

Holding my love so close, so tight

I heard our hearts in sync

Thank the maker for what good has been given to my life

Eternally, our spirits spent.

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