Nightshade Approaches –

by BK Johnsen

When the lights turn low

Do not squint in alarm

Sandman does not linger

Golem’s tears pelt the ground

Fear not the unknown

For all of life dwells in shadow

Only courage shall prevail

Love and humility – its only allies

Nightshade is coming

Do not quiver nor cry

Yes, in soft, quiet slumber

feasting on our fears – our lies

Seek not for a sign

Seek not for a savior

There is only One

who shall grant such a favor

Be at peace with each other

All share the same pain

So, let’s run it again, Sam

Live your life without shame

Share the love you have left

Accept each fragile mind

Do not play the favorite

lest ye be treated in kind

For all are found wanting

Gone – our love and our hate

Thank God for His mercy

for it’s never too late.

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