Morning Pages – Day 3

October 6th, 2021

My morning pages every Wednesday(for me in Japan), will be a bit of an odd duckling. I have SexyTime and a long gaming stream with ELFSAR that I must attend to post-haste, thus I will post a little bit now to get some writing into my veins, then add some later before I begin working on my book. I’ve found that the way I do my morning pages serve me greatly as a warm-up to getting into the writing mood. 

For others, morning pages may be most beneficial first thing in the morning to help your day overall, but so far I’ve really enjoyed the mood it gets me in right before I get to writing stuff I plan to polish up before I release them later. More to come soon on this post… gotta take lunch and then get ready to put up with a sexy ELF for awhile. See ya again soon Mr. blog.

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