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Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends

The hardest love to give is agape. Other loves come naturally. But for some reason, agape gets left behind. 

Agape is the only true unconditional love. Agape is to forgive but never forget. To not pre-judge and also let go of grudges. It is the universal love of the stranger. Other loves, like philia (friendship) or eros(romantic), all come naturally. Agape does not. Yet, it is the only love that truly has equality and peace.

If you give agape to any family member, friend, or partner, you hope for the best and speak truthfully to them about your hopes. You do not remind them of their failures in their past to spark successes in their future. Their own mind, soul, and conscience has more than enough reminders to handle. You do not ignore the failures, but you remind them that they are still alive and you love them anyway. You agape them.

When you see a stranger on the street, do you love them or hate them? Why not agape them instead?


I hope these thoughts are helpful. Thank you so much for reading. I Agape-Love you all.

Until next time, God bless.

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