Atheist turned Christian giving my testimony, and asking a favor…

I’ve been an atheist and a lost lamb for many decades, until a few years ago I found Jesus and decided to try looking outside of myself and any other human for the answer. I then read the bible multiple times, and realized I needed to dedicate my efforts in life to God by listening to his beloved son Jesus Christ first, before ever trying to work for my own gains.

My journey from atheism for the first 30+ years of my life, included over a decade of suffering through infertility with my wife, then transitioned to following Jesus Christ and culminated in co-writing a book on Pride with my sister. I then felt guided by the Lord to make a Youtube channel with videos and livestreams to discuss what I’ve learned from the atheist life beating me down, until Jesus Christ and The Father picked me up to do these things I always wanted to try doing, but never knew I needed Jesus and God to ever have a chance at succeeding.

If you have some spare time to spend, I’d really appreciate checking out my first video series based on the ideas from the book my sister and I worked on for years.

If you enjoy the series, please spread the word and link it to those who you believe might also be interested in the things being discussed in my videos and livestreams. Anyone and everyone are welcome to participate in commenting on videos, e-mailing me directly, or chatting with me during my Chat/Bible study livestreams(Most days at 7pm PST). 

God bless,


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