Fear – The Mindkiller –

Fear, why do you want such power over us?

Haven’t you had enough?

We bow at your altar so often, it never ends.

We pray for mercy and forgiveness. You have none.

We hope for an end. But you always grow and expand.

The earth isn’t enough?

All your pitiful plans?

Yes, you are still needed. We get that. You will live on forever.

Isn’t that enough?

Won’t that put in your cap a gold feather?

No, you demand more. You love the power. The sway you hold over us all.

“With fear comes no change. With fear comes no freedom.

With fear comes no danger…”

Now you’ve been caught in a lie.

With fear comes comfort. But danger lives on.

Mortal life was made for a reason. So that fear cannot stand.

One day we shall rule over you.

One day all will see.

What fear has done to trick us. Gave us more piety.

The ending shall come for you, fear.

One day, all humanity shall be free.

Let me warn you, only one of us has a soul it can stand on.

Fear, are you now fearful of me?

You come back for my body and mind. You torment.

But my soul you shall never fully comprehend.

You are just a ghost. A small sad memory.

In the end you always will be forgotten.

Let us all now have only one thing for fear… Yes, you, Fear… Our enemy…


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