Banned For One Week On Youtube For Watching… Youtube?

So I was banned one week from posting, livestreaming, commenting… pretty much everything, on my Youtube account. I was given a warning a couple days ago, but I was watching a dailymotion video when that happened, so I thought it was that. This time, I was watching a video on Youtube… I don’t really get it. I’m banned from Youtube… for watching Youtube? Both times the stream immediately got shut down and the system deleted the video (I multi-stream so I have copies of the stream that show all I was doing was watching a Youtube video..).

The Youtube system then has a message that has “click here of you wish to appeal” but when you click it, it says “You cannot appeal because you deleted the video.” But… I didn’t delete it… their system did…

So ANYWAY, I’m still livestreaming daily on Twitch, Dlive, and Trovo… (currently 7pm PST). But instead of Youtube for these 7 days, I’ll be streaming also on Facebook for now… However, I might have to stop livestreaming on Youtube just so I won’t have to worry about my Youtube channel being banned and messing up my video post schedule.

I will still continue to post videos on Youtube every Saturday 6:30pm PST for now. But this next Saturday video might be a little delayed due to my temporary ban… I emailed Youtube, but I bet the week might be finished by the time they get to it…

Thanks for your support. See you all on stream 🙂

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