Amorous Anticipation –

by BK Johnsen

Thump, thump, thump

What’s in this shell?

Beating so proudly

striding swiftly to hell

God, how it thrills

These moments before

I go in for a kiss

Is this heaven’s holy bliss?

No time for answers

I must make my move

Tender pupils, they luster

Cheília, so moist

Cheeks, rosy pleasures

May I please have a taste?

The moment arrives

lips embracing at last

Giving birth to our future

Washing clean all our past

At times I still wonder

if we never met?

This life would no longer

have color nor depth

In dreams I still see you

needing you — please stay near

your fresh taste is so fleeting

warmth no more — all is fear

Our love forms a vow

let our souls intertwine

Someday… one special day

I’ll be yours, and you mine.

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