Morning Pages – Day 4

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October 7th, 2021

Yesterday was quite a day. SexyTime in the morning, and the stream with ELFSAR lasted later into the night than anticipated.  But when I sat down and tried to finish my morning pages, I was spent. So, Wednesdays may be a problem for these. I’m guessing I either will make them very short like a tweet, or just not do them.

There is something to be said about repetition.  It’s the mother of pedagogy? Someone said that before.  But yeah, it’s definitely good to repeat good things. Like exercise, healthy eating habits, and anything else we think is good for us, like writing, or thinking, or praying or whatever.  Sadly, a negative word for this is becoming the word “ritual” in the vernacular, but I ain’t scurred of no scary word synonym like ritual.  I’m just doin’ this to fill pages and get back to writing.

Where was I? Oh, yes… morning pages, writing, repetition, ritua… I MEAN HABIT. HABIT. Don’t hurt me religions and anti-religion peoples pleeease.

Anyway, I find the biggest help to me in the short term for morning pages is that it gets me in the mood for writing.  It is easy fuel to help burn my creative fires kindling in my soul! … and groin.  But I find it difficult to do it when I’m not planning on writing shortly after.  Once again, it’s difficult to do something that is good for myself and I need to accept myself and imperfections more… but that will have to wait for another post… This one, is about… ritual! (I’m not scuuurrrred!)

This was a long and awkward way to get to a point… The point being: I’m gonna still do Wednesday morning pages for the sake of ritual and getting it into my daily habit, but it will be considerably shorter and half-assed due to my busy schedule. But I was kinda stalling on purpose… The Artist’s Way book that came up with morning pages said I’m supposed to write for 3 pages, but ain’t nobody got time for that! I gotta get back to creating things that I’m actually gonna edit and shtuff. 

Well, time to get back to “real” writing. While writing today’s morning pages, it felt like it was a lot more frantic and silly… Maybe it was because I watched The Joker for the first time lastnight and boy was it dark… I think it may be leaking into my mind and writing… Kids, don’t do drugs, or watch things like The Joker. It’ll mess your mind up like it obviously is doing to my mind right now…

Sometimes, morning pages are just a good ‘ole Pride release… eh?  >.<

Until next time, God bless. <3

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