Morning Pages – Day 2

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October 5th, 2021

In yesterday’s morning pages, I talked about the end of the Seattle Mariners season and that there “wasn’t a dry eye in the stadium” due to the effort they made this year. Because of this, I’ve been looking a lot at what makes people cry. 

I know Jimmy Dugan says “There’s no crying in baseball!” but man, yesterday there was a lot. And there is something about seeing grown men cry for a good cause that always tugs at my heart strings… The emphasis is on the word “good” in that last sentence.  Because when people cry over bad things or sad things, it always has a mixture of anger, frustration, plus sadness.  But when its over something good like a baseball team coming together and getting more wins than anyone else thought they deserved, but still failing to reach the playoffs, then the grown-up tears you witness has more joy, appreciation, plus sadness.

And I think this applies to any situation, not just a silly one like sports.  Pick any movie that makes you cry.  You cry a lot more for good than for bad.  When someone sacrifices their life or when they let go of their Pride and do something in support of someone else instead of just “getting what is rightfully mine”, that is when we tear up the most in movies. 

But we tend to forget this to our detriment.  Maybe we don’t forget it, but what often happens is we are trained to look for the wrongs, the evils, the sad things in the world, and then fix them.  So we become accustomed to feeling anger and frustration when we cry instead of the more naturally human way of crying over good things in life.  This then becomes a terrible cycle where we are frightened of natural feelings we need to mourn.  We need to feel sadness over the good things we’ve lost, we need to feel sadness that we keep failing to make justice and peace among others, and that in turn is hurting innocents. 

But we always need to get back to the end of the cycle and understand that the reason we cry is because we wanted good, and that in the long run there is some good in there if we look hard enough.  There is appreciation for what little good we have in the world.  There is joy that we see success stories as well, not just the unjust failures and corrupted people put in power that hurt many would-be success stories.  The joy, and the appreciation, that is what is worth crying about.

And that is what is worth striving for.  I’ll continue to strive and do my best every day to have a chance to get to that place of joy and appreciation staring me dead in the face.  I hope you all will too.

Until next time, God bless. <3

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