A Poem For FallenAngel1’s Grandfather who passed 2 years ago today January 16th 2019

Dear Geanie in this bottle
I beg wishes three
If you grant them all faithfully
I will ask no more from thee

See on this day one year ago
I lost my partner in crime
I miss him so dearly
My heart aches all the time

He was a man of honor
A soldier in the war
He went to fight for all of us
On that distant shore

He risked life and limb
For this countrys flag
a humble man with little wants
And would never ever brag

An independent strong and resilient man
Until he got too old
A man who gave the world
A genuine heart of gold

One year has come and gone
Doesn’t feel that long ago
That day was the worst of all
I lost my war time hero

Dear Geanie in this bottle
Actually wishes I don’t need
Just grant this one mercy
Then you will be freed.

Tell my Par I love him
And that I miss him so
The hardest thing I’ve had to do
Was sit back and watch him go

Tell him that I hope he’s happy
his cheeky smile upon his face
Tell him that in my heart
He has a special place

Tell him he means the world to me
In oh so many ways
Tell him he’s forever in my heart
Until my dying days

RIP Par.
Never ever forgotten. My war time hero.

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